8 Bit Wallace Tree Multiplier

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PenguinBoy409: Learner
Creation location: 
174 250 -6
Machine Features: 
The 8 bit multiplier can multiplier binary numbers 00000000 through 11111111, 0-255 in decimals. There are 7 adders, total of 3 additions (Parallel Processing) 4, 9 bit adders, 2 11 bit adders(w/carry outs), and one 16 bit adder. The basic principle is wherever 2 1s intersect it outputs the corresponding value of those two multiplied; the white circuit; and grid. the next "circuit" is the dark blue circuit, manages all the wiring inputs to the right spacing for the adder, also offsets so all the columns have the same value. It uses AND gates, NOT gates, XOR gates, and a bit more. The multiplier has a block volume of 66,960, roughly 12 hours to build. Very simple, just big.
How To Use: 
The Magenta Wool with levers labeled with signs are the inputs, 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128, then you enter the numbers you want to be multiplied... Then quickly the answer will be displayed at the other end of the creation on the lamps. It is very easy to use. The multiplier is mostly user friendly with a bit of common sense.
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