10-bit sequentail square root finder

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RobotMan2412: Learner
Creation location: 
990 244 -269
Machine Features: 
10-bit input to find square roots of up to 1023. 5-bit output with a nice little 7-segment display. completely spam-proof. a button to start. enfin, a light to show when working or done. It has a 9-bit counter with inverted outputs for the sequentail subtraction (first bit always on), this counter goes into the adder. It has a 5-bit counter going to the 7-segment display infront, incremented every subtraction. It has a register, to remember the output of the adder; when carry out eventually turns off, the machine stops. It has a lever-based input of 10 levers, which are initially put into the register when started. It finnally has a ROM, to store the digits for the 7-segment display.
How To Use: 
get the binary value of any number, 1 to 1023 you would like the square root of. input it as usual with the appropriately marked levers. press the button on the left, it will now start calculating.' wait as the light on the right is still on. when this light is off, the result may be found on the 7-segment display
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