Snake V2 (SS edition)

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300 50 2700
Machine Features: 
One of few snake games on the server that uses not pseudo random food generation (the food will spawn on any empty square of the game with a pretty close to equal chance (as it is impossible for it to be a perfectly equal chance). Another feature of my snake game is that the snakes length can actually go above 15 and fill up the entire board if you were dedicated enough. I think the left/right relative turning is also a unique feature. And yes it has collision detection for snake hitting itself and snake hitting the wall.
How To Use: 
The snakes head should already be in the middle of the screen, flip the lever which turns on the clock and it will start to move, turning will take a clock cycle to register. Turning is also relative instead of exact. example: if the snake is facing down and you hit the left button then it will start heading right (relative to you) buts it's going left (relative to the snake). If you die the snake will be killed one segment at a time until the whole thing is gone. Until that happens you can finally hit the reset button. Another note is that eating the food will pause the game for a little bit.
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