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Timbred: Learner
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206 41 3
Machine Features: 
Turn Validation Win Detection Spam Protection Auto-Reset (after win or 9 turns)
How To Use: 
Pretty self explanatory... a turn-indicator indicates who's turn it is. There's no built-in win sequence; the white-coloured wiring emits a 1-tick signal depending on who wins (LHS = crosses, RHS = naughts). If a player inputs a turn while spam-protection is still on, it will remain on for a few seconds longer. If your turn doesn't show, this is the likely reason. Spam-protection will also activate after a reset; players will need to wait a few seconds before they can initiate a new game. There's also no manual reset; it's done automatically. Either wins or submit 9 turns to reset the game.
Request status: 
Not approved