tic tac toe

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Hunters00 learner
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1030 209 -116
Machine Features: 
my machine can run ttt and can be reset and is easy to use. my machine uses 16 and gates as win detect and uses a t flip flop to change between x and o I use a recoder to get my inputs the way it works is button input to recoder to an x or o dropper then to win detect and finally to the display. it is alsp spam proof.
How To Use: 
click the one of the 9 buttons on the left then to the right of that there is a reset button for a tie game then there is a display that shows whos turn it is (x or o) behind u lthere is a light and a sign telling u that all inputs that are inputted when the light is off will be denied.
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Not approved


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Hi Hunters00! Thanks for your promotion request.

Sadly, I've decided not to approve your build in its current state. I've reviewed your build and so far have a couple things I'd like to see, and after that I will still need to discuss with other staff.

One issue with the build is that, on a player's turn, they are able to place a piece over the opponents piece, then continue with their turn. This makes it hard, if not impossible, to tell who placed the piece first if you are not paying close enough attention. Thus, I'd like this to be fixed.

Another small change I'd love to see is to display which player won, rather than just detecting that someone won. Honestly, it's just design choice. However, I think it can add to the build to display which person one, and that is generally the standard among TTT games.

The win detection is a bit slow, and I'd love to see it sped up. I also think you could make the build overall more compact or modular, as it feels somewhat clunky at the moment.

Tic Tac Toe is a notoriously difficult build to get Regular with. However, if you make these changes and do your best, feel free to submit another promotion request!

Best regards,
- Farex (ShayesDev ingame at the moment)

By Farex