simple slow cpu

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208 100 -420
Machine Features: 

vertical busses! ripple carry alu! 16 bytes program rom! 4 bytes ram!
also has a generic instruction decoder for 8 customizable opcodes
unfortunately uses 2 bytes per instruciton, 1st byte opcode 2nd byte literal or address
currently programmed to output the Fibonacci sequence

How To Use: 

the central control (black reset and blue clock) is at 196//-468 near ground level
I left the reset signal on, but the clock off.
The clock is slow enough not to cause lag.

First turn on the clock, wait 4 half-periods, then turn off reset
then fly over to 168//470 to watch the show

If at any time you want to restart, just leave the clock running
and hold reset for 4 half-periods.

The vertical lights (lsb bottom, msb top) will soon clear (0),
followed by 1,1 again, 2,3,5,8,13... up to 0xE9 hex,
after which the next number (0x179) causes carry overflow,
the conditional jump returns to 0 and start over.

The program instructions itself can be read behind the roms at 246//-444

Because I built this without World Edit, I really didn't want to implement
any instructions I wasn't going to use!

For this project I did invent a custom instruction I called "ADAM"
which does add Acc with Mem and store to both Acc and Mem
This allowed me to fit the whole program (init, loop, conditional check)
in 16bytes/8 instructions.

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