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firewolf: Learner
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683 48 -212
Machine Features: 

turn detection and indication, win detection as well as tie detection, spam proof. first there is a keypad that goes into a ss decoder which goes into tiled rs nor latches branching off of the main path are pistons facing upwards that steal observers from other pistons that fire every time a button is pressed. the observers were being used to toggle the output when the button is pressed each time any button is pressed. and what stealing the observer did was lock the output to be + or o via slime blocks that move up and down because of a piston powered by a comparator taking its signal from a composting bin thingy (block names are hard) that gets moved every time the unstolen observers bump into the pistons that are pushing and pulling the composter bin. now that the + and o lines have been separated they are then put through a circuit extremely similar to a binary encoder and decoder. the turn indicator is the same as the normal spaces except it has no locking mechanism. and the rest is wiring

How To Use: 

you press the button on the keypad corresponding with the space that you want to put your + or o in. if you want to restart but havent won tied or lost you can press the reset button It is impossible to miss.

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Not approved


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Hello firewolf77!

While testing your build, I ran into a couple issues. The first main one is that, after I placed about three or four pieces in a certain configuration, of which none completed the game, the board suddenly reset. I have not been able to recreate the problem yet, as I do not recall the original configuration. This should definitely be addressed, though.

The second issue I came across is that, while spam proofing works, there are a handful of problem with the turn switching when it shouldn't. Firstly, it switches turns when you try to place a piece in a spot that is already taken. This should not happen in order to prevent accidental placements over a piece from switching the turn. Secondly, if you time the button inputs across the board properly, it will not place two pieces, but it will switch the turn twice, effectively giving that player two turns in a row.

You're on the right track! Keep up the good work :)

- Farex

By Farex