12 bit BCD adder/subtractor

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Sushi_Cat0102: Learner
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326 36 -449
Machine Features: 

It's a 12 bit BCD adder/subtractor. Includes tons of XOR gates. Can handle up to 3 digits at the same time.

How To Use: 

To add flip the left lever for the first number, flip the second lever for the second number your numbers added will be displayed on the bottom lights, and your numbers subtracted will be displayed on the top lights.

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Not approved


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The adders found at the supplied location look like normal binary RCA adders, where you've used a separate adder for addition and subtraction. This does not have much to do with BCD. There's also no indication of which input does what, and which output represents what. Having that said, this build is below the standard for the Regular rank, so this promotion request will be denied.


By woesh0007