Connect 4

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zydn [L+]
Creation location: 
612 73 2535 on /p tp plot-zydn
Machine Features: 

Spam proof, turn detection, win detection. Win detection could maybe see some compacting, but that's about it from what I can tell.

The inputs go into the spam proofing for them, then into an OR gate which changes the turn. The inputs then travel past the or gate into the falling logic, which goes into the turn detection. The turn cannot be changed on cells that already have a signal going through it, but will still change any other ones (this, of course, is intentional). The outputs from the turn detection go and get saved one last time into the win detection (this also have checks to see if the cell being saved to is the lowest empty one), and from there the wires go into the displays. Those same wires are used to do the win detection, which is obviously just a lot of and (and a few or) gates.

How To Use: 

Press the buttons on top of the display to drop pieces down to the lowest empty tile, and the button at the bottom to reset the system. Wins are displayed at the very top, labelled as such.

(extra note: the components (besides of the actual logic gates for the win detection) are in front of the game, behind where you teleport to)

Request status: 
Not approved


woesh0007's picture

Hey Zydn,

While I like the animated pieces dropping into the play field, the 4x4 play field is too small to make this build worthy for a rankup. The common size for connect 4 is 7 wide and 6 tall, making win detection a lot harder. This is something that makes the build regular worthy.
I'll be looking forward to see a promotion request for a connect 4 with a larger play field.


By woesh0007