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awsomeblock243: Learner
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859 216 -466
Machine Features: 

This game of Connect 4 has a win detection system, automatic reset, turn detection, an included manual reset button, and a simple spam protection feature. Its dimensions are (in terms of [x,y,z]): 26x37x33.

When you push one of the inputs, a dropper drops either a bush or a shovel (1 vs 3 signal strength) down a chain of hoppers. When an item hits the bottom of the chain, it powers the display based on its Signal strength. This also locks the hoppers above this display, allowing the next item in the column to stop at the correct spot.

Because I need to split the 3 signal strength (ss) from the 1ss, I made a thing that does does that. This "thing" also includes a MUX running to each unit, which will read the opposite of which turn is currently playing. Doing it reversed prevents the win detection from being neglected by the turn switch.

In the win detection, a big proponent in my success was glass. The and gates needed for the win detection could be combined into one layer because of the glass stopping backflow into the other win conditions. Of course, spacing was also used to makes sure that the signals didn't flow to where they weren't supposed to.

If I were to sum it up, I'd say that it is a fairly average game of Connect 4. However, because it is mine, I really like it. (Plus, it's my first one!)

How To Use: 

Press the blackstone buttons on the gray concrete. I like to think that it is pretty self explanatory... If anything strange happens to it, hitting the magenta reset button on the left should fix it.

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Not approved


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Hi awsomeblock243! Thank you for your promotion request. At this time, I have decided to deny your request.

My main reasoning is that the spam protection for the build is essentially non-existent, as it is very easy to place two pieces without trying too hard. This needs to be improved to be Regular-worthy. I would recommend spam-proofing between two ticks at the least, preferably between one tick.

I had also noticed some other visual bugs, such as the win detection flashing while pieces are dropping sometimes, even though neither player has won. I would recommend extensive testing of your build, essentially trying to break it using the inputs and fixing any errors, as well as having a friend or other member do the same.

Overall, I am happy and impressed by your progress, and I believe with some more work you will be well on your way to Regular!


By Farex

I am not a gamer, thus its not that easy to bypass the spam protection. But eventually I did it.

So you allow up to 8-9 ticks of delay between button presses, try to push that down.

Personally I am a bit sad, when the pieces are not falling. But not sure if that is a criteria for judging C4's.

By Ecconia