Connect Four

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478, 139, 63
Machine Features: 

Connect 4 with win detection, turn detection, and spam proofing. features a manual reset button.

Win detection: I used signal strength AND gates to detect wins, and used an input toggler to save space, cutting the build almost it half from my prototype ( see the machine next to it)

Turn detection: I used piston toggles to synchronise all the redstone components to the player who's turn it was

How To Use: 

the game should be blank when you start, if not, there is a reset button on the right side.

The game is incredibly simple to use, just push the button above the column you wish to 'drop' your 'piece' down.
win detection automatically clears the board and restart the game

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Not approved


I meant to have my rank as learner


By St_Dave

Your spam protection is not very efficient.
It could capture much quicker signals.
The spam protection and some other areas have too many high-delay repeaters.
Remove them where possible.

By Ecconia