Veterans are back!

The /veteran command can now be used by everyone!

[V] or [Veteran] got added at some point in time to reward players which had been part of this community for a longer time.
There had been no specific rules back then, when to hand out Veteran, so it just happened on the staff's mood.

A few years later some players complained, that they are worthy staff since a long time and they want the fancy prefix too!

Since the staff on this server became much more organized than before, they decided that there gotta be a strict criteria when a player can become Veteran.
Here is the new Criteria for Veteran:
- You need at least 500 hours of time spent on our server.
- You need to at least join on 200 distinct days.
- You have to be a member for at least 3 years.
These criteria got created by looking at how many new Veterans potentially could be handed out.
The current amount of possible veterans is 40 players, but that can only increase in future. Will you be a future Veteran on our server?

Use `/veteran` to see if you met the first two criteria. You have to check yourself if you are a member for 3 years, since we don't track that.
Once you met the criteria message Administrators since they can give it to you.