Connect 4 (Revised)

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awsomeblock243: Learner
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Machine Features: 

Win detection and spam protection (for real this time). Cadenjb pressured me into making the spam protection work for simultaneous inputs as well, so that's part of it. drawcoco managed to break the spam protection by feeding in a 1 tick pulse, but seeing as the normal inputs are buttons, this shouldn't be cause for concern. The turn display is managed through two screens instead of one, and the winner will be shown via one of those screens. All inputs are no longer valid the moment someone wins. The machine automatically resets after a few seconds of someone winning.

(The old Connect 4 is also right above this one, so if you want to do comparisons you can)

How To Use: 

Press the input buttons at the top to make your piece fall into place. There is a reset button at the bottom left corner of the game.

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Outstanding work! I am quite impressed by your improvements. I rarely see Connect 4 with proper spam proofing, and it has been a couple years since I have seen one with simultaneous spam proofing.

Very well done, I look forward to seeing what you build in the future! Check out my mail in-game for a bit of info on how to claim your plot and stuff.


By Farex