Double secret passage in stairs (2 in 1)

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cartigny: Learner
Creation location: 
1054 55 -60
Machine Features: 
My creation makes it possible to make a simple secret passage down thanks to stairs. In a second step, another staircase in the other direction allows you to go to the other side while going down. This makes it possible to have a secret double passage in a single system! Of course, it is a simple creation and that says simple says basic components such as pistons and repeaters as well as redstone torches. The colors make it possible to understand each part of the system. For example, the green part for the pistons of the first zone. This system would be great in a house with redstone or to have a simple system of secret passage. In addition, the fact that they are materials that do not cost much make it possible to copy it in survival. To conclude, we can say that the system allows you to be copied quickly and simply to have the class if you have to hide your stuff.
How To Use: 
To activate the basic system, click on the diamond button. This will allow the first phase of the pistons and allow access to the stairs downwards. Of course, you can click on the diamond button again to close it and hide access to the base. To turn the stairs, click on the diamond button and then the gold button to reverse the stairs. Once clicked, the staircase will close on its own after about 7 seconds. DO NOT ACTIVATE GOLD BEFORE DIAMOND otherwise the system will be broken. Also do not click 2 times on the gold button because it resets itself. The system is simply based on a deactivation of the sticky pistons as well as the activation of the basic pistons that place the stairs.
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Not approved


Normally under international law, we have the right to know why we were refused, right?

By cartigny

It is easy, just ask.
In your case, the complexity of your build was not very high. While it definitely is not that bad of a build.
The order of button presses could have been improved.
As in the way you use it. Like, one cannot activate "second" without pressing "first" first. Kinda weird.
Compression is nice however.

By Ecconia