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576 45 -243
Machine Features: 
ALU can add and substract 4 bit binary for now. Binary input and output because there is not much space in learner To substract turn on one of the negative lever, the inputs with the same color of the negative lever you turned on will be negative. The output is the opposite side of the ALU from the levers. There is a flood carry lever behind the the negative levers There is the carry in lever too next to the levers I built the whole ALU except the inverters and the flood carry those are built by drawcoco
How To Use: 
To add turn the minus mode off and input numbers then go the the back of the machine and the anwser is there. To substract choose 2 numbers example: 4-1, the numbers must be different color and the bigger number is the negative.
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Not approved


My name changed to I_Am_Very_Sus

By ProTomi99
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It looks like you're on the right track, but the complexity and compactness of your build are not yet at Regular level. To get an idea of the expected skill level for Regular, you can use the "/challenges regular" command in-game and/or take a look at the ranks room at spawn.

By woesh0007