Double Jump Paradise

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In-game name (NO VISITORS! Must be LEARNER rank or higher!): 
Builder name(s) and current ranks: 
MegaJWorld- Learner
Creation location: 
987 256 -399
Machine Features: 
This machine is a game, the point of it is to complete a simple parkour course several times in a row to gather nuggets which slows the cobblestone generator, if the cobblestone reaches the end you lose. It is a masterpiece of timing with plenty of redstone packed inside, the hardest part of this was putting all these systems together and hooking them up all together in such a compact area. There are many quality of life features and other things that had to be integrated to help new players.
How To Use: 
Instructions are at the game.
Request status: 
Not approved


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Whilst being fun to play, this build is not quite at the Regular rank skill level. To get an idea of the expected skill level for Regular, you can use the "/challenges regular" command in-game and/or take a look at the ranks room at spawn.

By woesh0007