8 Bit Turing Complete CPU

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Hunters00Gauge: Learner+
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-2085 198 924
Machine Features: 
It is currently Programmed to run the Fibonacci sequence the things that the different colors are: lightblue is line jumping dependent on white and grey. grey is a 8 bit number that you use white to compare grey to the output, example 8(output) is less than(white) 10(grey). purple is write to ram dark grey is write to ram. Dark Green is save registers a and b. lime is ALU controls/flags. pink is hard inputs to the ALU.
How To Use: 
You go to the control area and first you hit the hard reset button(the button to the far right) then whenever the lamp turns off you can click the line jumper button (far left) and itll start counting and when your done click that same button again (far left) and then click the far right button/hard reset.
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The build looks promising.

However I saw two issues:
- The need to hard-reset the CPU. The program could easily clear all register and used memory addresses. There should not be the need to reset the memory of the CPU.
- The program does not terminate. Currently the program (fibonacci) does look forever, and thus shows a lot of invalid values. One way to deal with this is, to detect the carry-out flag of the ALU when adding and then jumping into an infinite-loop to halt the CPU, until the PC is reset. Important, that it is an actual jump and no hardcoded "if carry-out, CPU stop" solution.

By Ecconia

I did everything you said to do so do i have to make a new request or not

By Hunters00gaugeYT