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Calcuilder: Learner
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410 38 -13
Machine Features: 
this large hunk of flying concrete meets the criteria of regular rank challenge 7, and the volume of the circuit resembles a 10 cylinder engine, hence the name. With 3 main parts, the input shift register, the southern white circuit, the pin register, the white northern circuit, and the lime equality circuit in the bottom middle. The operation of the lock engine is simple; wait until the input shift register matches the pin register. as you input the pin on the buttons attach to the orange line, the combination will go through the input shift register, when the pin is correct a piston in the rear is fired and a new pin can be entered and will be shifted in both registers. the reset button will lock the engine, ready for a sequence of buttons to be entered. other things: - expandable pin length - 15 choices per module - in the current state: 50625 unique pin numbers are possible! last remarks: is it way to big? definitely. is it slow? yes. but it works. the concept and functionality of something are important to me. speed and size are not really my goals. I hope you'll understand and thank you for reading!
How To Use: 
the pin will start off set to CA1C, pressing a button in the row will blank out the redstone lamp place near the credits --[ do NOT press a button until it lights again ]-- when it does you can continue entering the code. when the combination is correct the lamp above the button row will glow. to change the code you simply keep pressing the buttons until you are sure the last 4 entries is the new code you desire. to confirm the code or just to lock it. hit the reset button on the light blue concrete.
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I fear you provided the wrong coordinates, I cannot find your build...

Your PR will be denied, until you provided the right coordinates, feel free to message us then again.
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