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SlidXT: Learner+
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2223 35 -2234
Machine Features: 

This is a turing complete cpu which includes, 32 bytes of RAM, 8 IO ports, 64 bytes of PROM (32 Lines), 0.33Hz clock (30t), 8 general purpose registers, 3 flag registers. It also has an ISA for the CU with all the expected things such as, bitwise operations, add, subtract, increment, conditional branch and so on. I believe it is a harvard type cpu, with seperate data and instruction busses. It has pointers for the RAM and IO, so it can run bubble sort. The color coding is as follows, blue are register decoders, red are registers, yellow is the ALU, gray is the RAM, light-blue and magenta are the IO ports, white is the CU, brown is the branching, purple is the PC, light-gray is the PROM and etc. Currently it has fibbonacci programmed into it, and outputed to port 1.

How To Use: 

Currently, fibbonacci is programmed. To start the computer, go around the back and near the PC should be a clock. Just turn on the clock with the lever to begin. The computer will output the fibbonacci orders to port 1, which has been marked with the redstone lamps, in binary. To reset the PC, hit the button on the cyan circuit and it will return to line 0, however, the registers and such will not reset. I made an IS and an assembler for that IS, which is how I program the computer, which is found here The program will auto halt through forever looping the same line, once the program detects an overflow.

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