850b very fast 6x6 piston door

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vicketick regular+
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-382 152 2185
Machine Features: 

It is a very fast and small 6x6. closing in around 2.8 seconds and opening in around 3.75 seconds it is one of the fastest 6x6 for its size. The door is contained and seamless and works will all solid blocks in the door frame. the door has a very small cool down after closing, this is just cuz the bottom triple needs to retract. Since i got regular from a bad 4x4 i thought that a good 6x6 would be worthy. The top and bottom are synced on last opening move while the sides are sync on both edges.

How To Use: 

just push the lever and watch it do its thing

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Not approved


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would love some feedback so i know what to improve

By vicketick