16-bit (2-byte) Calculator COMPACT

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M4ximumpizza: Learner
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689 162 -67
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The 16 bit calculator has a ten digit number display with several encoders and decoders. It can do Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and a calculate button (Its to reduce server lag because if there was none, it would be solving it while your trying to type out the numbers producing lag) and finally a reset button that resets the whole thing.

The key features about the whole calculator are Sequential BCD to binary transcoder (Basically like a encoder/decoder to go from for instance division to multiplication or to go from multiplication to addition), A Main Bianary register (Takes the signal from the BCD transcoder and goes accordingly to where the pulse is supposed to go) BCD digit to analog encoder (Basically the RAM for the screen to show how the number gets displayed and the signal comes from any of the buttons that where pressed), 7 segment converter (Takes the code from the analog converter and decodes it to the screen), And finally the Sequential binary to BCD transcoder (Its the calculation mechanism and takes it from what ever you pressed from the addition circuit to the division circuit and does the calculation accordingly to what you pressed).

BEWARE: Takes 5 to 45 seconds to solve the equation *Not the fastest but super compact*

How To Use: 

So there are a total of 18 buttons and here is what you do... The key pad for the number system is on a sign near the number pad.

If you press one of those buttons it will show what you pressed for instance if you pressed 5 it will show five. BTW the number stacks so if you press 5 than 3 it will convert to 53.

Once your done with the top number than hit the button to the right that says "Write to bottom number" to go from the top number to the bottem. Than press what numbers you want.

Once that's done than press one of the buttons as Addition, subtraction, multiplication or divsion and than press calculate.

Just to say it: Its not the fastest calculator but pretty compact. Also it cant go into negative numbers or decimal numbers

Thanks M4ximumpizza

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The build is bluntly copied from another player. :/

By Ecconia