Special event: survival game this Sunday

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Hey everyone,

UPD: the server address is hunger.redstone-server.info - come on in!
UPD2: due to the issues with minecraft.net login servers we will have to reschedule. The event will start 4 hours later than initially announced, i.e. at 20:00 GMT. Hopefully that works OK with everyone.

UPD3: and the winner is... neoblade1624! Congrats!

We're going to have a little PvP event this weekend, and you're invited! The event will be held on "The Survival Games 2" map, a.k.a. the Hunger Games map. If you've not heard of it yet, the description can be found here.

The goal is to be the last man standing. Here's a quote from the Rules:
Before the games start, all the participants must choose one tube around the center. This is their starting position. When the host is ready to start the games, he'll flick the lever in the host house and the tubes will go up and the games will begin.

Rules of The Survival Games:

  • Only one player can win The Survival Games.
  • You can not break any blocks, expect for leaves, vines and mushrooms.
  • You are only allowed to place blocks you find in chests.
  • Your inventory must be empty before you start the game.
  • No player is allowed to enter the host house.

The game will start at 16:00 GMT (12 PM EST, 9 AM PST, 20:00 MSK) on Sunday. The address of the server will be posted here 15 minutes prior to start.
The server will run a whitelist! In order to participate in this event, please post your in-game-name in the comments. We will stop accepting new people at 15:00 GMT Sunday or after 20 registered participants, whichever comes first.

Have fun and see ya in-game!


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Helgi_8 and Posus (he was away when I posted this, will most likely comment as soon as he can).

By Helgi_8
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- Posus

By posus

BooDude :D (P.S. Hi Stym :D)

By BooDude


I would hate myself if I said no!

By magmabob


I hope I get selected, this will be awesome!

By hugecameron
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I want in

By goodby39
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Count me in!


By onlybob

I am in. Btw, what's the prize? *winks*

By Goodatthis

My username is Delta0

By Delta0
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Yeah, Ik, Noooo why Emil!!! Y u no join :(
I have a contest against another choir tommorow so.
(Just realised the time, I might be able to enter!! :) )
Username Emilgardis


By Emilgardis

I want to join as well

By Snaesii
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OK, no one else will be let on. 12 people will participate in the event. Cya real soon guys!

By stym
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Just came back, and I can't login...

By Emilgardis
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Due to slight internet failure, I would love if the games got delayed by an hour or two

By Helgi_8
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having the same issue?
Well this sucks.

By Emilgardis
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You were not having the same issue... My internet connection hadn't worked since 09:00 in the morning o.o Used 3G connection to comment. Started working at exacly 16:00, just in time to see that it got delayed :P

By Helgi_8

wanna take part!!

By McFreezer
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That was a fail...

By Emilgardis
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am i late =P

By MissionZero
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If not it's Mnchmn2

By MissionZero
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I'm afraid you are, but we might have another game in a coupe of weeks. :P

By stym