Application 178

In-game name: 
Why are you interested in joining this server?: 
My interests? Well I like it if I can do everything normal. Like I have been to football training and now Im not professional (no not at all) But if I play with someone who hasnt been to football training then im clearly better. But lately I have been into technology (the redstone stuff is one of them :P) And Im also pretty fast in short distances. (I wont say time because the time is only good for my age) But Ill provide you a list of what I like to do In real life. Sleep (of course :D), eat (cookies), football, running, and also orienteering my favourite =)
Anything else you'd like to mention? (Optional): 
Well as you can see Im 13 years old. (fun fact at first I wrote 12 because I got 13 month ago XD ) That doesnt mean that im that 11 year old who is whining over everything. I also live in Estonia =) (only 1,4 million people but we inveted skype and our technology is very advanced =) ) I also want to be honest and say that I have been banned. I was permabanned BUT it shouldve been a 2 week ban or so. And I eventually 3 weeks later requested unban and got unbanned. But by that time that server sucked -.- I was banned for lieing (I didnt actually lie), accusing (Its half true but thats long story), and being douche . Well i was at bad mood :( So only 1,5 of it was true. But please if you see me being douche or CAPS LOCK OMK WTH . Then just kick me or ban for some minutes. And about my redstone skills. You will see it :) And as Im still 13 and my mother language is not english Im not that good with english but I hope you understood what I said =). And I tend to write those walls of text ...
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