The SMP server is now open!

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The server address has changed:

So this finally happened. The SMP server is officially open. This work has, in fact, been going for so long, that when it was finally finished this kind of caught me off guard, and I don't know what to say now. :) Oh, there's several things though.

  • First and foremost, the server still has a whitelist, but now each player has an ability to invite up to 5 friends, and as soon as they activate their invitation codes the will be able to join the server that instant.
  • If you were whitelisted on the server in the past, check your mailbox for an invitation code from me. It will lead to a web interface where you will be able to redeem the code, and also send out invitation codes to your friends. If you're not finding the email, send me a PM and we'll sort that out.
  • As a bonus, for every friend invited you will receive 300 Cubits as soon as they are approved.
  • Don't be confused by the name This is a side project of mine. :) The same people stand behind this SMP server, and the same friendly spirit abides.

There's a lot of stuff coming in the next couple of weeks. Here's some items from my todo list:

  • A proper website (obviously)
  • Stats tracking on the website, and leaderboards
  • An achievements system, that, again, integrates with the website.

Stay tuned, and as always, your feedback is appreciated.


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This is awesome, but I don't like the new domain for the server in minecraft.
Why not do A csite from the old sub and domain to the new sub and domain?


By Emilgardis
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The old domain makes people expect something redstone-oriented, while for the SMP server this is not really the case. The whitelisting system is also completely different, which would cause more confusion had it not been separated.

By stym
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But a csite would still be nice. :P
csite meaning a redirection

By Emilgardis

Sweet! Just a question of curiosity, do you use HTML to make your websites Stym?

By batmanbugs

TNT is still enabled eh?

By dubastot
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Can u whitelist me pls

By goodby39