1.7 is out! How to join the server now?

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The long anticipated 1.7 update is finally out. However, if you update, this will render you unable to play on most servers, including ours. The reason is, the server software we use is written by enthusiasts and not by Mojang and therefore it needs some time to "catch up" (usually 1-1.5 weeks).

So what do I do?

Check out this guide written by ToastedJelly. It's written for the 1.5 update, but the same approach still works for 1.7
If you've already updated, you can download the 1.6 minecraft.jar here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4821368/minecraft.jar

P.S. Also, in 1.7 it is only possible to trigger TNT with redstone or fire. Last chance to play TNT spleef before the update, don't miss it! :)