Application 331

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Why are you interested in joining this server?: 
Well, I guess my many interest is art. painting, viewing , drawing, which is probably why I like minecraft so much. :) For some other Interests I am into all kinds of music, games and movies. I also enjoy watching youtube videos. Activities I like to do are skiing, both cross country and downhill, hiking, and working out... I hope I covered all the parts of interests
Anything else you'd like to mention? (Optional): 
Well I hope I guess the only other thing is that I would really enjoy helping you any project you have planned and I hope to be a useful part of your group. I also have some big ideas that I want to get a server's help to do. To give you a rough idea of what I'm thinking I want to remake one of the Final fantasy worlds in mineraft. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Brennan D.
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Thanks for your elaborate application. Hope you will enjoy our server. :]

By stym