1.4.4 / 1.4.5

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EDIT by Stym: updated to 1.4.5 beta build... so far so good. Thanks for your patience, all. The 1.4.4 clients are compatible with 1.4.5

The server is empty, and I think the reason is that many players are playing on 1.4.4, the server is not updated to 1.4.4 (YET!). We will update when all plugins (or the most important ones) are stable enough and the recommended build of bukkit for 1.4.4 comes out.

If you want to play, follow these instructions from Flandyn:

You could restore your minecraft folder, or download minecraft for 1.4.2. When you are updating it doesn't mean it is impossible to join.
How to restore your folder:
Press Windows button -> Write this in the search section %Appdata% -> Go to roaming -> Then right click your minecraft folder -> Go to properties -> Then hit earlier versions -> Wait a few second and you will see the options -> Go the the date you updated your minecraft or before -> Then restore.
I hope that this would help you.

If this doesn't work, download this program MCNostalgia and follow his (sonicrules) instructions on the post.


Im quite sure you didnt know this; Bukkit stopped development on 1.4.4 after under 24 hours; MojangAB gave them a 1.4.5 stable which they started developing for; 1.4.5 is coming out in 48-/+ hours; MOST Plugins will need to be updated due to SOME method changes

By Dunkler_Drache
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Yes I know. I choosed to write it that way to make it simpler.

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and Emil, for rollback instructions wouldnt it be easier to download the jar from http://assets.minecraft.net/1_4_2/minecraft.jar
Since you dont need to back ANYTHING up and you have all the minecraft.jar's since the beginning of time?

By Dunkler_Drache
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I thought they removed the assets, I remember me searching a whole night for an update there, I only found snapshots.

By Emilgardis

What about the SMP server

By agentnola
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I'll try to update it over the weekend. There are some plugin incompatibilities which need to be resolved.

By stym