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The server is currently down due to issues with the cloud hosting provider. The data has not been lost (worst case is several hours of rollback).
No ETA yet on when things will return to normal.

UPDATE: the issues are due to a mistake in our provider's billing. Simply put, they've charged us too much and suspended our account. They've already confirmed that they were wrong, so the server will be up once this issue has been resolved. Most likely, in 15 hours.

UPDATE 2: the server will be up at 12 PM GMT tomorrow (see comments for more info).


That sucks. Free year for the mistake? lol

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Hmm. I love when forced rollbacks happens!!

By Emilgardis

any new news about when the server will go back on? its been longer than 15 hours.

By Goodatthis
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No luck so far. Worst case, I'm going to purchase another hosting tomorrow, or launch temporarily using the old server box.
Either way, I expect this to be resolved by 12 PM GMT tomorrow. Join at that time and you'll get free diamonds to compensate for the downtime. ;]

By stym

this is killing me, I really want to build D:, this is crazy XD!

-harry was here :D