Server downtime

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Hey guys, I know everyone is waiting for the server to get back online, so I wanted to give you an idea of what happened.
In a nutshell, the server box started having hardware issues again, and after seeing this happen so many times over the last months we decided to switch to a different hosting model. Instead of owning and maintaining a physical box we will move to a virtualized cloud hosting solution. This is going to take some time as we need to transfer gigabytes of data. Please bear with us, and as always, we're looking forward to seeing you on the server!

UPD: File and database migration complete, bringing up the server and testing, temp lockdown via whitelist.
UPD2: Back up!
UPD3: As of March 12th, 10AM GMT, the hoster is migrating our server to another hardware node which will cause several hours of downtime.
UPD4: We're back online.
UPD5: Ok guys, we're at a point where we decide whether we want to keep the new hoster or not. If they can't rectify this issue today, we'll be looking for alternatives. Sorry about that, you know we are getting frustrated just as much as you are.
UPD6 Back online, and hopefully this will last.



That makes sense.

Just a short question: How long will it approximately take, until everything is set up? Or the the upload time of the different files changing too much, to be predictable?

By Dr_Weird_

Why is the server white-listed? Next time you do something like this explain why it is in the MOTD...

By _thesuperalex_

Yes lol. Next time try to update us as soon as possible.

By _thesuperalex_
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Hey mate, I'm here at 2:50 AM fixing the thing, so 'next time' some appreciation wouldn't hurt. Just saying. ;)

By stym

Well thanks for doing that I guess.

By _thesuperalex_
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thesuperalex, next time please show a tad more appreciation towards stym. He is always working to bring the best possible gameplay experience on the server :)

By onlybob
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How do i get a plot?

By Link_z321