Bye Bye Whitelisting!

Hi everyone,

First of all, Merry Late Christmas. Have a Great new Year though!

Thanks to Stym's hard work on our permissions plugins, we are now able to remove our much feared whitelist and are now open to guests. However, you still must apply on the forum to earn the Regular rank and have proper building permissions. For all the guests, you can use fly mod or ask a member on the server to give you a tour and check out the server before making an application.

Our Redstone area has just undergone a massive makeover, the floor is now tiled and each Redstone device should be placed in a tile. Also, the Redstone area is split into three areas; Games, ALUs, CPUs, and Calculators, and Other so be sure to look out for these areas. Thank you for your cooperation and really appreciate you taking care of our server and keeping it a great place for everyone!

Space Invaders has been finished and can be found in the Redstone area as well. Here is the teaser/ trailer for it, hope you enjoy!