Learner plots clearing July 22th 2015!

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Hei, it's 3 months since last time and the learners plot is filling up fast. We want to make this clearing as painless as possible. To save your builds tell a staffmember, preferable reply on this article telling us the name of the owner and cords of the creation. We also have 24 days after the clearing to refund your creation (As long as you have the cordinations of your creation). Remember that staff are allowed to deny requests to save your builds or refund your creations. You can also post your request to have your creation saved at /report.

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Owner: Twistedlink07
Project: Hexadecimal to Binary Decoder and Binary to Hexadecimal Decoder.
Location: XYZ: -44.5, 82, -58.5
Details: The location should land you on an emerald block at the upper-south-east edge of the build. The build is outlined in white glass, and has emerald blocks beyond the 8 corners of the outlining, to help make saving it easier.
Thank you!

By Twistedlink07

hey flandyn, i want to save my builds, 1 of them is not ready but i'm working on it. the second one is the number display.
1. X: -393000 Y: 13100000 Z: -1285000 (is going to be pacman)
2. X: -53000 Y: 5700000 Z: -379000 (letter display)

By willewortel02
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First of all your cordinates makes no sense at all. If you use them you'll just get an error message. I did manage to localize your pacman on XYZ: -405 147 -261. But you weren't even done with the display or anything. We do have a pacman display on woeshies plot, so you can ask a staff to copy it to the learners area. Though I would recommend you to build one segment, before finishing the display.

I didn't find your letter display, but I feel like it's too easy to be saved.

By Flandyn

Owner: Agentdaxter
XYZ: -234 73 -444
Coordinates should land you on an obsidian block. Another obsidian block on the opposite side of the build (-260 54 -413) should dictate the whole of the build (which itself should be made of three colours; orange, green and blue).

By AgentDaxter

Hi. The build mentioned on this post above is being continued in my singleplayer, so no use in copy pasting it. I am currently working on another build on the server which is at:
XYZ: -276 21 58
It should be right in front of you and shown by a green wool outline (note that there are two different components in this outline which will be needed for reference for myself later on; both need to be copied :) )

By AgentDaxter

Owner: MrMCAlien
XYZ: -474 71 -137
This will spawn you on my wiring. It is a cpu I've been working hard on.

By MrMCAlien

Hi Flandyn, I have something on the server that i'm working on in the learners area and I was wondering if u can save it for me!
X = -217
Y = 180
Z = -37
Build name: Tic Tac Toe
Owner: Mister_Pig
You should spawn right next to it
If you can save this build for me i'd be really happy! :)

By Mister_Pig