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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to give you guys some advice on how to write an application which will get you accepted on this server. First of all, I love proper spelling and grammar, so definitely watch out for that. Secondly, you need to write a minimum of 3 sentences for EACH question. Lastly, you need to show we can trust you and that you are constructive rather then destructive.

Here is the best application we have ever received and strongly suggest you strive to achieve something this magnificent.


Greetings, I am very much interested in a community that is actual redstone based, rather than just sit on my own SMP server (which I still host today, and will keep hosting to sometimes play with real life friends) while I'm the only one who knows how to use redstone, and actually play with it. I think it's a nice chance to improve my knowledge about Redstone abit too, and I could help others solve their problems, but more importantly, learn from others. Right now I've got moderate to simple redstone constructions out. while a few of my first constructions can be found on youtube. And more can be found if asked for on my own server, playing with redstone is basically the most I do with minecraft.

I currently enjoy my IT Management class, and building up my future. I have a girlfriend whom I adore and spent alot of time with. It's not an interest, but I currently do internship to learn more about IT management and server control, and preparing my MCTS Microsoft windows server 2008 exams. I also tend to enjoy playing games, and going out with friends on the saturday evening.

My first works: My latest work: This is a building which has an entrance hidden by a waterfall, and requires 2 obelisks to be powered by redstone torches in order for the doorway to open up with a large F in front: it also uncovers a stairway instead of stone bricks, being replaced by pistons pushing from the sides. Also, when going inside, you'll quickly notice a button near the exit, this button allows you to retract the obelisk torch placeholders so you can remove the torches without going outside and thus, closing the door again allowing the waterfall to flow back. Once inside and the door is closed, it doesn't mean you are stuck in there, simply wait a moment until you hear a "click" which means the lock is removed and the delay is ready to be inserted to override the obelisk's door opening system. by pressuing the button, a piston is pushing a block near the obelisks allowing charged delay's for about 40 seconds long to be injected into the same input that the obelisks give, once that delay is done, it runs back to another piston that pushes the block back to it's original position so it can't inject power anymore to the obelisk injection: The door system itself is pretty simple, first the waterfall closes or opens, on closing, the logo and door system waits for about 14 seconds in delay before opening, and pushes a piston forward for direct closing *leading power around delays* and retracting another one for un-necessary wanted opening. While it's closing, there's a piston making sure that during that time, the door cannot be opened again for sometime for no water splashing everywhere, basically, this system cannot mess up. There's security and fail-safe to it.

I hope I get to learn from others by joining this server, I am really interested myself and hope to be able to help others as well too. Thank you for taking your time to read into my application. Greets, F_Synchro.




By Eleon

i'm just a 10 year old kid who needs a good quality server to play on you look like nice folks happy valentines day!

By spongebob45

hi my name is Bennett i live in California

By spongebob45

do you mostly play on servers or do you do allot of single player

By spongebob45
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By MissionZero

First off, THIS is not where you apply. Please read "Rules and Registration" to figure that out.
Secondly, this application was made a while ago, and the questions were different back then. That is why the answer seemingly make no sense.
Thridly, if you DO want to be accepted, put forth just as much effort as Synchro while answering correctly.


By 0bitasy0