Stym's Race for the Wool Tourney!

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Hei dear members of the server!

I'd like to welcome all of our members to a fun game day on sunday! On this game day we'll be playing the fun teambased PvP game Race for the Wool on this server.

Race for the Wool (RFW) is a PvP based gamemode in minecraft where two teams compete against each other to find 3 different coloured wool blocks and bring them back to the wool monument. The first team to complete their monument wins. The fields are "Deathrun" like, they are thin and long. The PvP is indirect, which means there are no physical combat like sword fights, but you can fight with bow and arrow aswell as TNT cannons. Which maps we use will be revealed on the day, so noone can pre-practice, how ever we do allow teams to inspect the map before they start.

If you'd like you can join as teams, or we will help you to find teammates. It'll be extra fun if you bring a microphone and talk together.

We will start at sunday August 30. at:
08:00 pm GMT +1 Norway, Germany, Netherlands, France etc.
07:00 pm GMT 0 Great Britain, Iceland
02:00 pm GMT -5 / EDT
11:00 am GMT -7 / PDT

Here is me, two old mods and another member playing race for the wool: