Flandyn's resignition.

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Hei lads and ladies!

I'd like to notify you all that I'm fully retiring from being an admin. It's been a long trip, following this server growth from when it was half a year old untill it became over 4 years old! I've spent quite a lot of time on this server, and I've recieved experience and knowledge I will most obviously use in my life. I thank you all for spending time with me, helping me, teaching me and most importantly; correcting my english. You guys have made the server to the community it is, and I do respect you guys for it. I've met people from all around the world. Learned many languages, learned how to teach and learned how to be a better person.

Why am I retiring? First of all is that I do have less time now than before. I've been trying to schedule time to the server. But since August I've been a freshman in college and therefore strugged to fit some time for you guys. Second of all, I've been a staff for about 3 years, so I do think someone elses should take my place now. I do hope you guys will continue to play on this server, and keep it alive. Luckly, I do know that woesh0007 and Gort will take a good care of the server together with the skilled moderator team we have. I will surely use my free time to get on the server, even though it's very limited.

Best regards