New Spawn for 2016

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Onlybob's spawn building has served us well for the past few years, but it's time for a upgrade. 2016 will hopefully be a year for great updates, including a new spawn building.

As many of you may already know, Kyndo has been hard at work designing and constructing the new building, with help from a few others including myself. His job is nearly done, and it's just about time for me to take over finishing it off with the new info signs. The building is much larger than the previous spawn building, and has enough space to hold much more detailed information in a more organized manner. Information topics are split up into banner-labeled rooms.

The different rooms are:
- First-Spawn Room
- Membership Walkthrough
- General Rank Info
- Donators
- Trial
- Warps
- Rank Challenges
- Member-Submitted Challenges
- Member YouTube Channels
- Commands Info
- Video Tutorial Links
- Rules
- Mod Packs & Textures
- Retired Staff
- Office for each current staff member
- Room for each separate skill rank (Learner, Regular, Builder, and Senior).

Other features will or will most likely include an auto-updating "Active Member Wall' with player heads and names, Teamspeak link button, Membership Video Tutorial button, Automated redstone lamp display marquee, Recent Donator pedestals, and mandatory commandblock-controlled noob question walkthrough on first join.

My question for you, is: Are we missing anything? Now is the time to speak up, because signs are starting to go up, and the sooner any major changes are made, the better it will be. Don't let us forget anything, whether it's a whole room, or just good info to have on one sign.

Visit the build at /warp Kyndo-Spawn. To make any suggestions, click "Read More" in the bottom right of this article and leave a comment.



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Finally :D

By DrCrack

The new rooms sound interesting. I like the idea of actual rooms, as the current building kinda has things all over the place

By RuberCuber