Regular Clearing and Learner Move 2/13

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The Regulars Area is currently shut down, and all builds will be removed Saturday 2/13. Any builds not moved out will be deleted. Contact staff in game or leave a comment here with your machine's coordinates to save and what plot to move it to.

After the Regular Plots are cleared, the Learner Area will be moved into that space. Learners should list their machines coordinates here if they would like to save them. Otherwise, they will be deleted that same day. Do not contact staff in game for Learner builds.


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I would like my 4 bit adder / subtractor to be saved. The coordinates are: X = -382 Y = 55 and Z = -99.
(In machine readable terms: XYZ: -382 / 55 / -99 )

~ PrinceOfCreation

By PrinceOfCreation
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Is it down due to the clearance?

By Kyndo
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No, the host machine froze up. It's been rebooted.

By Gort