FAQ on the SMP server

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Q: What map is the server running?
A: The server is running a fresh unaltered 1.2 map. As of the moment of writing, there are almost no structures but we are really hoping to change this over the next week.

Q: Server specs/features?
A: Running the second beta build of Bukkit for 1.2.3. SMP + Economy. Ability to create your own shops and sell stuff. Possibly, Towny later. Dynmap: http://mc.redstone-server.info:8107/

Q: So what exactly does "early access" mean?
A: First of all, you must understand that we're running a beta build of Bukkit so there might be bugs. I also need time to polish out the economy and plugins (even /help is not working yet :P). Last but not least, if you find any stuff that can be exploited and provide advantage over others, you need to report this to me.

Q: Any building restrictions?
A: Yes, some. Have a look at the Dynmap and note the flat island in the center - that's where the spawn will be. Please do not build there. Other than that, just use common sense and ask when in doubt.

Q: When will the server go public?
A: Whenever I feel it's ready, AND the recommended Bukkit build is out.

Q: Will the map be reset when the server goes public?
A: No.


When will the server update?

By nathanturk2

can I get early access?

By nathanturk2
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Added you to the SMP server. The creative will update later today.

By stym

When I try to login it kicks me

By snalye

Ermm, I'm already whitelisted one the creative/redstone server and I would like to also apply for the SMP server. Please direct me to a SMP server application link. Thanks for reading :)

By AndyBoi18

on* :P

By AndyBoi18