Introducing Ping Tool

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Imagine a friend is helping you work on your redstone circuit and the following dialogue ensues:
- I think you need to increase delay on this repeater.
- Which one, this one?
- No, this one over here.
- This one?
- NO, this one right here!
- This one then?
- GOD #$%@#, NO!

Well we've faced this problem too and here is a solution: a custom built plugin (inspired by the ping tool in Portal 2, by the way).
Just equip an arrow, point to the block you want to highlight, and right click. Everyone around that area will see a mob spawner-like flash around the block you are highlighting. That's it, enjoy!

The function is available for Learner+ ranks, and the source code will be published some time soon.

~ Stym


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This sounds like it's gonna be a very good, unique tool driving people to join our server

By goodby39
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Onlybob likes this.

By onlybob
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This is awesum.
( Stym forced me to say this :3 )
remove the bot plz.

By Emilgardis
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The pron is widespread across teh internets

By goodby39
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was just going to say remove this XD

By Emilgardis
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Lazer Pointer/Flame Thrower all in one!! XD

By 1_M_I_K_E_1