Email thing is broke

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Email thing is broke

The email system to sign up for a new account is broken, it hasn't been sending lot's of people emails.

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It's not broken.

The E-mail thingie is not broken. For some people it is instant, for some other people it takes 10 minutes, for som other people again it takes a few hours. And for the last people it could take days. So when I was reading the logg now. Then I got a bit annoyed because you assumed that it was broken for everyone. Aswell as I am tired that people assume that I can do everything. I live in GMT 1+ and when the americans are playing at evening it's night time for me. And just so you know it, I need to be up 05:40 in the morning. So I'm really trying to do the best I can. And please remember that patient is supposed to be virtue. I know that people can become eager to play. But there are no reason of complaining and showing negative act to Visitors. As I've seen.