Got an Email today, it's pretty wierd

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Got an Email today, it's pretty wierd

"Windows 8 is a lousy Operating System. Its supposed improved performance and claims of improved battery life are exaggerrated, Windows Store is a shameless attempt to pump people for money, and the user interface changes decrease productivity. It is a poor product created for the sake of getting money from your pockets into theirs while offering you as little value as possible. Security is not much different - most exploits and malware that work for earlier Windows versions will still work on Windows 8. One thing that might not work well on it is you, because they switched the interface around so that you have new computer skills to learn. It doesn't really matter whether you want to buy it anyway, because sooner or later it will probably be forced on you by hardware manufacturers.

Windows 8 is a shameless marketing ploy, introduced just in time for the "holiday shopping season", which is another big scam. There is nothing "Holy" about it, because "Christmas" is a big lie.

Excerpts from

"Xmas has absolutely nothing to do with God. It was originally called Yuletide, which is a pagan festival from the Babylonian Mystery religion of SUN worship. The Babylonians were merchants (they were the originators of the "Market-system" which is condemned by God) and they used Yuletide to sell their merchandise because, like today, it made them lots of money."

"SANTA CLAUS is an anagram for SATAN."

"The fact that the three kings came to pay homage, and brought gifts of great wealth, was used by Satan to give, to those who perverted the teaching, the idea to continue and even increase the sales of their merchandise (a great marketing-exercise for them). So the virgin-birth was hijacked and corrupted into a time to make lots of money, using the ultimate in "high-pressure sales techniques", which was to falsely use God's Son's name, in order to embarass people, who couldn't afford to buy gifts, to go into debt or steal in order to buy their merchandise. By doing this the rich merchants ruin the lives of the poor, driving them further into debt and poverty or crime, whilst making themselves richer and richer."

Do you want to give more of your hard-earned money to an opulent mega-corporation? Do you want to serve satan? Don't fall for the cheap con-artist tricks of the Windows peddlers."

So what do you think about what he/she said.

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I think...

Emilgardis I think you should invite this person out. I havn't seen any person taken so much time written anything to you. So you should invite this person into a date. Maybe even ask to become your whateverfriend. Actually when I am thinking that I am speaking with you, then you should probably say:
Do you want to marry me, I do have money?
So take this tips and stop living alone! Your to young to die alone!

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umm, awkword

yay the title says a lot about this, also this person is Obusley not relujus oh and I think this is spam like some add.

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by the way, I was just testing with the strong tag but what i said is probley true