Beta server updated to 1.1.0 (experimental)

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The creative server has been updated to the latest CraftBukkit development build. This means we are now able to welcome people running 1.1.0, but this experimental build may cause lots of glitches, including, but not limited to: increased lag, server instability, rollbacks, World War III, plugins not working, etc. All players are encouraged to report any issues they find to me. Some known issues:

  • NoLagg is not working (slower chunk loading, possibly increased lag)
  • Spout and any dependent plugins are not working
  • No VoxelSniper


Hey stym, I noticed this morning that the castle that is in the End has big holes in it. Could this be a server glitch, or just enderman's doings, or is it griefing? I'm not really sure. It looked like it was done by the Enderdragon, but I thought it had been slain and that mobs were off.

You're welcome,

By Goodatthis
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Pretty sure it was the dragon. Either me or Dub will rollback.

By stym

Ok, cool. Just wanted to make sure everything was all right.

"It is my civil duty as a member of this server to report any potential violations of the rules." you should add that to the rules and say that you have to say that in your application.

By Goodatthis

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By Duren1560