Scheduled downtime today

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The creative server will go down for updates today, at 3 PM UTC. The expected downtime will be 4 hours.

UPD: Looks like it's going to be more like 5 hours. See you at 8 PM UTC.


Alright. thanks for the update. Now to go see what timezone I am in in UTC. XD

By 0bitasy0

hello,I can not build and i have made an account on the website and I am very confused. I have tried to build but it won't work. plz help an i missing a step after logging in?

By harald18

Alright. Now that you made an account, all you have to do is go to "Rules and Registration" at the top of this page. If you read it all, you will know what to do. Also note that once you have submitted your application, it also must be approved until you can build. So you will still be an Aliquam once you post an application. Also, next time if you have a problem, try going on the server and asking someone there. Good luck!

By 0bitasy0