Hosting meltdown

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An hour and a half ago we have received an email from our hosting provider stating that they were going out of business effective immediately and urging to pull the data off their servers. Half an hour ago, the server went offline before we could finish pulling the data. Wow. We're not going to talk professional ethics here, but seriously... wow.

Let's have a little minute of silence to mourn all of the Minecraft servers that were killed by this (if you were hosted with Daddycheese or ShardHost - our condolences to you).

Now, what happens to us? Well, as you may remember, we had a long history with crappy hosting providers so we knew better than that... and had a backup elsewhere. So we're going to pull through and survive, although it was a pretty close call losing the entire server like this. :P

We're busy working on a replacement server - stay tuned. And always remember to have a backup!

UPD: we got our hands on the replacement server. Currently importing the Hawkeye database and it's taking a while. Expecting to have the whole thing running again tomorrow morning (UTC).
UPD2: we are back up and running on a new server! The server state has been rollback'd to 4:38 AM UTC Nov 12th.


Stym & the team


That is very disappointing. Today I was looking forward t playing on the server. but I know things happen... hope you guys have luck bringing the server back up! Best of luck!

By 2vites
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Thanks! We're really disappointed ourselves - especially by the fact that it was only an hour between the email announcement and the server going down for good... It's as if the whole thing was destroyed by a meteorite. :)
Regardless, we have the data, so there will only be a little rollback. I'll post details as we go.

By stym

if it is known, what is the difference in the time from the last backup to when the server went down?
trying to figure out how much was lost.

we all believe in you these hard times.

"We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition:"
And gentlemen (and ladies) we shall rebuild,
for this day we are redstoners!
king Henry v

By dawbre42
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The timestamp on the latest backup we have is Nov 12th 2013, 4:34 AM UTC, so a little over 14 hours of work was lost. We also have full Hawkeye logs so it's possible to restore some (most) changes even after that time.
I see you have made a significant donation to aid our cause - wow! Thank you so much, and thanks for the kind words. Redstoners are indeed amazing people. :)

By stym