Regular Plot Clearing Nov 1st.

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Regular Plot Clearing Nov 1st.

We will be clearing the Regulars Build Area on November 1st. If you have any builds you'd like saved, please post here.

-Your In-Game Username
-Approximate coordinates (edit from MeSoLost- Stand on your build ON IT and use those coordinates to make sure we get the right build)
-Short description of the machine

Save please

Hello, i repost this with the coordinates.My creation is all made ut of iron blocks(this includes the rom part).It is at
Thank you and have a good day,

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This post is now closed! any new comments will most likely be unanswered as this isn't the place to ask questions (this posting that is, find the right spot to post your question)

1 creation marked to save. Checking report board as well.

Anything saved will be returned to it's exact location. Thank you for your patience.

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no report

There are 0 creations on the report board to save. Sorry guys, but the message has been on the site and forcibly displayed to you at every login for the last month so there's no way you can say you weren't warned.