My Ex-Friend Did It

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My Ex-Friend Did It

I go to an aftercare system at my school, because my parents don't stop work until 5pm.
I had a friend named Karvon, but apparently he just wanted to get onto my Minecraft account and grief everything.
So I didn't grief, Karvon did. I was informed of this by another friendly student who stays until 6pm.
"Karvon went on your account and griefed all your stuff." - Joshua
Karvon must've though that was my stuff. So, I didn't grief, Karvon did. So can I please be unbanned?

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Protect your account!

I remember this incident. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt this one time but please change your minecraft password and do not share your account! It is our policy to ban accounts and not necessarily people so be warned the next time your account is used to grief the learners area the ban will most likely be permanent.