I was banned for no reason....

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I was banned for no reason....

I was loving this server, yet due to school reasons I was off for like 3 months, and when I tried to get on today I was banned for griefing the learners area. I dont know what that is about.

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I remember this.

After some research in the database the situation of this player is as such: Banned for griefing learners area (by MeSoLost), several doors were damaged. Grief was found by another learner, one of the owners from one of the doors in question. user accepted to server 10-4, ban date 10-10 apx 17:20 server time. Offline for 3 months is a blatant lie, user last logged in 10-7-2014.

Maybe if you accept responsibility and tell the truth and explain why you'll never do it again you might stand a chance of being unbanned. Although hiding behind an offline for 3 months lie when you know we have logs may have just prevented that. -.- I'll leave that determination to an admin but personally, I don't like being lied to. =\

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You have played on the server about a month ago. This means that at least half of the important information in your post is not correct.
As MeSoLost states, you aparantally griefed in the Learners area and have been banned for this. The ban is not a mistake on our side.

If you would like to be unbanned, you could try posting a ban appeal. Remember that this should contain a good motivation and why we can be sure it won't happen again.