The server is updated and does now run CraftBukkit 1.8

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Happy new year everyone!

We're starting this new year with a CraftBukkit update to MineCraft version 1.8. Some people wondered why this took so long, here is the reason:
Due to a DMCA takedown (copyright issue), CraftBukkits download page was taken down and further development for CraftBukkit server software stopped. Many of the developers resigned and the CraftBukkit future looked hopeless. Fortunally, some of the left-over developers decided to find a workaround to publish a new CraftBukkit version anyways. This version has finally been released, allowing us to perform the update.

In other news: As many people have requested, I have written a tab-auto-completer for all custom-written commands. This means you could now type "/tp woe" and press TAB to autocomplete it to "/teleport woesh0007" when I'm online (It of cource works for other players too).

And to end with; I want to ask all of you for a favor. The server is currently working and has a lot of useful features, but we should face the fact that it will never be 100% perfect. If you have an idea of how to improve the server and make it a better place for this community, please don't hesitate and create a post on the forums or send a personal message to me. Together we can make this community even better.



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Thanks Woesh!

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