Inviting people to beta test the all-new SMP server

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As you may or may not be aware, our SMP server has been in closed beta test mode for a few weeks. Well, it's high time for it to return, is it not? We are looking for people who will help us work out the kinks on this server over the next couple of weeks, after which we will finally open to public.

Current server features:

  • 1.0.0 survival experience (1.1.0 coming as soon as there is a RB of CraftBukkit ready);
  • Economy (which was the most requested feature on the previous server);
  • Chest Shops! Establish your very own shop to sell items ever when you're not online;
  • Chest protection with Lockette;
  • Anti-griefing protection with HawkEye;
  • Dynmap - the server map updates in real-time!
  • Much, much more to come!

Interested? Here's what we need from you:

  • You need to be able to run 1.0.0 for the time being;
  • Be friendly and social;
  • Be able to communicate any issues discovered back to me, along with a comprehensive set of information (screenshots, etc);
  • Be creative and don't hold back your ideas.

All comments and suggestions will be discussed and considered. Would you like to apply for the beta testing? Please leave a comment to this post!


I will come on when it is updated to 1.1.... Because I tried downgrading with a 1.0 jar I had, but I think it was corrupted from playing around with mods. Can I sign up for beta testing in advance for when it is updated to 1.1?

By Goodatthis

I will come and test as long as i can get the I.P. for it.

By BooDude
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Stym Is the demo still on?? if so then i want to get on.

By Emilgardis


By kamalam
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Guys, you can find the address here:

By stym

Ill help out and i have no problem down grading.

By SallowKnight
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i really want to build the new spawn!

By KillingForMoney

Замечательно сказанно, буду ознакамливаться с вашими идеями и далее

By chockmenrawalg1975