Tic Tac Toe

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Alexswings: learner ; Hobrin: learner
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959 / 90 / -530
Machine Features: 

Well, you already know how it works, but I will still tell you how it works. So there is a light on the ground which says who's turn it is cross or knot. Then you press a button where you want your symbol to be on the 9 3x3 lights. This will show your symbol based on the input. When you have 3 horizontal, vertical or diagonal you will win and your symbol will start lighting up very fast.

So included in this build are: anti spam, win detection and turn detection. We used and gates to do the win detection. We used sr latches to make sure the lights stay on. And when you press a button it activates a line of redstone behind the sr latch and that activates a piston which blocks the input for the same light. And to make the machine restart we would activate the second dropper of the sr latch.

How To Use: 

So you probably know this but well.
First you both choose which symbol you want to be.
After you look at the light in the floor on which symbol goes first.
For example it is knots.
Then the person who chose knots goes to the input for the knots and presses one of the 9 buttons to activate the light the button is assigned to.
Then you wait till the light on the ground changes to the other symbol. And then the person with crosses goes.
And so on till you have a winner. Or a tie. When you have a winner the winners symbol will go flashing quickly.
And to start again or stop press the restart button.

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Not approved


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There are 2 redstone clocks involved in this build which have to be activated manually, these 2 clocks are marked by 2 white towers.

By AlexSwings
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I have replaced these clocks with comparator clocks, so the manual input isn't needed anymore.

By AlexSwings