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BlackPoet - Rank / Learner
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X 203 Y 71 Z -295
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This TTT has turn validation, win detection and also a reset button plus it has a additional feature like stopping it from overwriting and saving the first action taken dosnt work if its spammed very fast and thats the one weakness this build has spam protection is not that big in this TTT. Unfortunatly ive tried my best to make it as compact as i possibly can but the results are not so vast in the positive range of things. this is my first attempt to try and make one of these and i think ive done a pretty good job so far apart from that u can see all the redstone wiring outside of it wich ive not made a attempt to hide so far simply because im bad at terraforming and art and stuff like that so i fear ill do a bad job on it. sorry for my english once again ik its bad. Anyways back to the build again ive tried to make it unique apart from other TTT by other players as ive tried to give it a whole new designe to the concept and the game. the logic i had difficullty placing in was the and gates to fit into a small space i managed to do it in the end but its a mess in my opinion. on the turn parts ive trid to make something like wire cutting to get it workin diffrently from other TTTs once again. i look upon this creation with pride but i do understand and accept criticism about it but please dont judge me too hard as this is my frist time doing something like this that i dont have much experience in. On that note thank you for looking into my project i hope review will show positive result :)

One thing is that might be hapening sometimes is the turn validation ive noticed it dosnt work as intended if spammed

How To Use: 

its very simple to use there is 9 panels each having a stone presure plate on it that activates upon walking on it wich in turn on the 9 displays will either show a 0 or a X depending on wich panel u stepped on. ive also wired in a reset button to reset the game once someone has won or when u cant play longer because all displays are full. it should be all straight foward from there because there is no more controls in the system other then that :)

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Not approved


Farex's picture

Hello BlackPoet! Thank you for your submission.

After reviewing your build, I've decided to deny your request for Regular. Although you have done well with the build, I do not believe it meets the requirements we look for in Regulars.

The main reason in my eyes is the size. While you're well on your way to making a nice TTT, the size of this one is still questionable to me. I'd like to see it done with 3x3 cells maximum for the display, with only one block between each cell preferably.

I think the inputs on the floor is quite unique, but it will need to be greatly compacted. It's likely that you'd have an easier time with a button panel.

Finally, it has a couple bugs. As you mentioned, if it gets spammed, the turn detection breaks. If you spam it fast enough (flying closely over the pressure plates) it will sometimes put both an X and an O in the same cell.

Overall, the build is nice, it's just not quite there. However, I am impressed by how quickly you are learning! Keep up the good work and you'll have Regular in no time.

Best regards,
- Farex

(P.S.: You can also look into the Trial if you are interested. '/trial info' and '/warp trialroom' for more information)

By Farex

hey farex i saw your review it was an impressive pov and as you said i learn quickly it is true i do have a tendency to learn quick if im dedicated in the subject of matter and i also have learn alot from a help of a few members and we have become friends settling on a good path thank you for your review i will try to improve maybe even work with another big project to settle score of impression that will be considered tangible for futher baring and bring fortune to the name blackpoe

By BlackPoet